Fundraising FAQs

Is fundraising compulsory? Why do I need to fundraise?

We expect every participant to fundraise a minimum of $100 to provide support and services to people living with multiple sclerosis. This is a fundraising event and your entry fee helps to cover the cost of staging the event. The funds you raise go towards ensuring the thousands of Australians with multiple sclerosis are able to receive the support and care they need to live well.

We encourage you to have a go at fundraising. Your commitment and effort will not only be a rewarding experience for you, but will ultimately support people living with multiple sclerosis.

What is the best way to get started?

Getting started can be a bit daunting but you’ll be surprised at how simple it is. Below are our top 3 tips for getting yourself moving.

  1. Your online fundraising page is the most simple and effective way to kick start your fundraising. By adding your personal story and an image, people are 10 times more likely to support you.  
  2. By making a personal donation to your fundraising page, you take away that pressure of the first donation. Your donation can set the tone for your supporters. It is a fantastic way to get yourself moving towards your goal and show your commitment. 
  3. Send an email to your networks or share your page on social media. Simply spread the message of your fundraising – you’ll be amazed at who will support you when you ask.

Where does my fundraising go?

Your fundraising goes towards offering services and support to people living with multiple sclerosis, while the search for a cure continues. It allows us to fund programs like MS Connect and MS Advisor, providing those with multiple sclerosis access to a caring voice at the end of the phone line and access specialist advice and guidance on how to manage their symptoms. Your support ensures no one faces their journey alone. Read our information guide to find out more.

How do I collect money that I fundraise?

The best way to get people donating, is directly through your online page. This provides them with an instant tax deductible receipt and means you can keep track of your fundraising efforts.

If you intend to host a fundraising event to collect further cash donations please see our hints and tips below.

Can people who donate get a tax deductible receipt? 

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Anyone who donates through your online page will be instantly emailed their receipt. 

What is matched giving?

Many companies offer ‘matching funding’ as part of their employee benefits. This means they support their employees’ charitable efforts by matching their fundraising dollar for dollar. It is a great way to double your fundraising efforts – and all you need to do is ask. Speak to your HR department and ask them for their support.

We can provide your company with any documentation they may need, including tax-deductible receipts, information about what we do and a letter of thanks.

I am thinking of hosting a fundraising event. What are the best steps to get started?

Good on you for taking your fundraising to the next level! First step, is to contact us. Our team will help you register your event, offer helpful advice and provide you with:

  • Your Authority To Fundraise letter- this is used to demonstrate that your event has been officially approved by MS as a fundraising activity for the MS Walk Run + Roll.
  • Any fundraising materials you request such as MS flyers, posters and banners
  • Receipt books and donation boxes for use at events
  • MS Walk Run + Roll logos and MS logos for use in promotional materials
  • An MS Ambassador to speak about multiple sclerosis and how it affects their lives
  • Ongoing support, advice and practical assistance

Whether it is a BBQ or a sit down dinner, we are here to help every step of the way.

Using Facebook to Fundraise FAQs

How do I use Facebook to fundraise?

Facebook is a great place to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to support you! Always share your MS Walk Run + Roll Fundraising page to Facebook as opposed to setting up a Facebook fundraiser. This way you can be sure that all of your funds raised will be shown on your MS Walk Run + Roll Fundraising page.

Furthermore, we recommend you do not use the Facebook Donate button, as we cannot link any of the funds received through a Facebook fundraiser to your MS Walk Run + Roll Fundraising page.

What is the official charity name and number for the MS Walk Run + Roll?

Multiple Sclerosis Limited, ABN 66 004 942 287

If people have donated to me through a fundraiser I set up on Facebook, will Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL) still receive the funds?

Yes, if you have selected ‘Multiple Sclerosis Limited’ as your charity of choice, we’ll receive the funds, however, please note there will be a slight delay. Also, your donors will receive a receipt a from PayPal Giving Fund, not Multiple Sclerosis Limited.

Why aren't the donations that I am receiving on Facebook page showing up on my Fundraising page for the MS Walk Run + Roll?

Facebook donations are managed by a third party (PayPal Giving Fund), so we cannot sync these donations with your MS Walk Run + Roll fundraising page.

Therefore, the best way to receive donations from your friends, colleagues and family is by sharing your fundraising page to Facebook, as opposed to using the Facebook Donate button.

I have set up a fundraiser on Facebook, but I have selected the incorrect MS organisation. How can I ensure the money I raised supports the MS Walk Run + Roll fundraising for MSL?

If you have selected the incorrect MS organisation on Facebook, please contact us and have the following information ready: your full name, amount and the fundraising closure date. Contact us 1300 733 690 or email