Courtney is Team Captain of Team Gryffindor – incredible fundraisers for the MS Walk Run + Roll in Victoria. Over the last nine years, Team Gryffindor have raised an incredible $64,500 to help people with multiple sclerosis.

Courtney takes part to make a difference to the lives of people with MS.

"I want to play a pivotal role in assisting change in my own future and the future of others living with MS. Team Gryffindor and their fundraising is contributing to this worthwhile cause.”

Courtney’s altruistic nature goes beyond her amazing participation in the MS Walk Run + Roll. She’s also completed studying a Master of Social Work and is working toward a career helping others. She knows how the right support and services can make a positive impact on people’s lives.

In 2004, after countless hospital admissions, the loss of some beloved hair, and an attack affecting her left leg, Courtney was finally given a diagnosis relating to demyelination. She received six months of special treatment. 

Courtney says, “With a few adjustments and the help of incredible family and friends, in particular my amazing parents and brother, I managed to get on with my life, finish schooling, finish my undergraduate degree and begin traveling.”

In 2012, after returning from an overseas holiday, Courtney experienced a relapse and was formally diagnosed with MS. Her left leg and arm were affected, and her limp became more noticeable, but the treatment helped Courtney remain stable overall.

“I experienced a major relapse in September 2014, becoming reliant on a walking stick. I was only 27 years old. I pushed through and finished my degree because I was not going to let MS win.”

In 2021, Courtney is determined that with Team Gryffindor they can make an even bigger impact for people with multiple sclerosis.

“2020 has been rough, with another hospital admission. It has now been 17 years since I ran for the last time, went up and down stairs un-assisted or held a full glass in my left hand.”

“I am determined that in 2021, our tenth year, Team Gryffindor will have raised $70,000. To my amazing uncle Steve who has helped raise a lot of that money over the years, I am so grateful. To my family and friends your fundraising is helping my future, so thank you.

Courtney knows first-hand how the money raised directly helps people with multiple sclerosis to manage their symptoms, live well and feel supported throughout their journey.

“My MS is physically declining, and I cannot do anything to stop it... It’s more frustrating than I can ever explain.”

“Through the stories I have seen in the MS Magazine, Intouch, over the years, I now know nothing is impossible. It is about having the right supports in place and anything can be achieved.

My standout experiences from MS Limited would be the knowledge of the MS Connect team and the MS Peer Support program. The MS Peer Support Group allows me to meet other people who are experiencing similar issues to me. I’ve also volunteered as part of the MS Peer Support program since 2014, which offers me the opportunity to help others, one to one.”

By helping to connect people who know first-hand the challenges of living with the disease, MS Peer Support can fight fear with knowledge, despair with hope and isolation with friendship.