It's that time of year again!

The Little Engines are warming up for the MS Fun Run, to support our beloved team captain and all those living with MS.  None of the Little Engines are good runners.  Some of us are downright awful runners!  But we stick together, because that's what we're trying to show to all those living with MS - that people CAN stick together and support each other.  WE THINK WE CAN.

MS sucks.  Around 4 people are diagnosed per day in Australia, and it's a lifelong disease with no known cause or cure.  With your help, our fundraising will enable people living with multiple sclerosis to meet their goals and live well, and not do it alone.  WE THINK THEY CAN.

Thank you for supporting us.  With a donation of any amount, or by sending us your encouragement and supportive words, you are making a real difference.  WE THINK YOU CAN.


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