Our team Digging Deep for MS is taking part in the 2019 Sydney MS Walk + Fun Run to fight MS.

In Australia, over 23,000 people have been diagnosed with MS. It is the most common disease of the central nervous system in young adults and it strikes young people in the prime of their lives. 

Currently there is no cure...

I am asking you, my friends, family, general public and business owners to please jump on board this important cause. We are asking for people to donate if you can, share if you can't. We are aiming to get as much exposure as possible to raise awareness and as much funds as we can to help people living with MS get the support they need to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest. 

Please remember, any donations over $2 are a tax deduction.

If you would like to join our team and be part of this great community event please register. We welcome your support. 

Please DONATE now to support my challenge and change the lives of Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

Every cent counts! Please donate now..

Thank you!


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