2 MAY 2023

Hannah LeggettShe’s a fundraising legend (like YOU) taking part in the 2023 Launceston MS Walk Run + Roll.

Hannah’s already smashed her initial $250 fundraising goal raising $445.30 – a number that continues to grow. She’s making a difference for people living with MS.

“I’m hoping to get more funds, leading toward that miracle cure for everybody one day. It’s a fun day out as well as supporting others that have the disease.”

MS is commonly diagnosed right in the prime of life, when people are busy building careers and families.

For Hannah, her daughter was just eight months old when MS struck.

“I would have been 26 years old when I was diagnosed. The major symptom that I had that led to the diagnosis was optic neuritis. I had double vision. I ended up in hospital and they did some tests and said possibly multiple sclerosis or a brain infection.”

Hannah was later sent for an MRI that confirmed multiple sclerosis.

“I had lots of lesions on my brain and spine.”

For Hannah, some experiences she’d had in the past – like numbness in her mouth or a strange feeling on her legs like wearing stockings – all began to make sense as symptoms of MS.

The diagnosis came as a shock.

“It felt horrible. I didn’t know a lot about the disease. When I was diagnosed I was a bit heartbroken and fell in a bit of a heap.”

Hannah’s had one major relapse since.

“My legs and my left side was like a feeling of being in the snow and then you put your body under the warm water – times a thousand. I could stand, but the pain was excruciating and I couldn’t feel my feet.”

Thanks to treatment Hannah’s symptoms resolved but she still lives with the daily impact of fatigue and brain fog.

Hannah describes herself as keeping a positive attitude and being stubborn that she won’t let MS stop her.

“Most people wouldn’t know I had MS. I’d just love it if there was more awareness around invisible illnesses.”

Hannah wants other fundraisers to know their effort means so much to her.

“Every dollar that people raise, it means the world to people that suffer with the disease. You don’t realise how much you take for granted until you can’t do a simple thing. I think it’s amazing and I just wish we could raise more. It means the world to everybody suffering with a debilitating disease.”