14 MARCH 2023

Josh LittleHe’s joining the 2023 Sydney MS Walk Run + Roll with his team, The Little Team.

Josh has already raised an incredible $1,305 (so far) for a brighter future for those living with MS.

Josh was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021.

“At the end of 2020, I woke up one day completely numb from the waist down. For a few months, I had a constant burning sensation, itching and weakness in my leg. I went to the GP, and they said ‘You’ve got over a virus, it’s probably related to that, give it 3-6 months.’ It went away completely in April 2021, and at the end of June that year I woke up numb from the bottom of the ribcage down and it got worse from there.”

Within a week, Josh had two MRIs done and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“It was very overwhelming – the physical issues that came along with it were bad enough but having to wrap your head around what the disease is in a short space of time was full on to deal with. It took me six months to wrap my head around it completely and be okay with it.”

Day to day Josh manages fatigue and heat intolerance – which causes the weakness in his legs to come back.

Other than that, his symptoms have mostly subsided with treatment.

Josh has a message to his fellow fundraisers (that’s YOU!)

“Thank you for taking part. Every little bit counts.”

“I think from my own experience before being diagnosed, I had no idea what MS was. I’ve found a lot of people I’ve spoken to since they have no clue at all what it is or what it does or how it affects someone.”

“It’s good to spread awareness of what it is and what it does, especially given most of the symptoms are invisible to other people – it’s hard.

“The education and awareness really help I think.”

So, thank you for joining the MS Walk Run + Roll with Josh. Together, we’re raising vital awareness around multiple sclerosis and helping people live well with MS while the search for a cure continues.