11 MARCH 2022

Before Sophie was diagnosed with MS, she was just a regular 20-year-old finding her feet in the world, completing a double degree in management and languages.

Sophie had experienced slight tingling in her hand a year earlier, but because her symptoms came and went, she didn’t go to the doctor.

However, one night when taking a break from studying, Sophie went out for a run, only to return home with tingling in her feet, which became worse over the coming days.

The tingling and numbness spread, so she decided to investigate her symptoms on Google.

That search suggested Sophie might have MS — the scariest option for her.

Over the next three weeks she continued to experience invisible symptoms and saw many medical professionals, some of whom inferred she was imagining things.

Finally, she was diagnosed with MS, which while scary, came as a relief as all she had wanted was a definitive answer.

After the diagnosis, Sophie went into fight or flight mode. She decided to register with MS Connect and ask for as much information as she could.

Sophie also registered for the peer support service, which showed her that she was not alone. MS connect followed up with her each month to see how she was going as well as offering assistance from MS nurses.

“After speaking with the right people, I came to understand it wasn’t a life-or-death situation.”

Since her diagnosis and two different treatments, Sophie has not had a relapse in two years. Now, she is focusing on giving back to the community, working for a social impact company and spreading awareness about MS on her Instagram @mssophdrum. Sophie has registered for the 2022 MS Walk Run + Roll with a goal to raise $5000.

She also continues to do the things she loves such as traveling, visiting waterholes, spending time with friends, and community building.

Although she will always carry MS with her, she doesn’t let her diagnosis rule her life.

“I am lucky that MS doesn’t rule my life. The only main difference is I have to manage my health in a way that most people my age don’t need to.”