11 APRIL 2023

Team SaucyIn 2022, Team Saucey rallied together an incredible 55 team members for the Melbourne MS Walk Run + Roll.

Taking out the Biggest Team Award on the day, their team was led by Bec, who pulled the team together as a surprise for her partner Dom, who’d been recently diagnosed with MS.

“I thought I would love to show my partner all the people behind him. I surprised him in doing that – he didn’t know until a week before the event,” Bec says.

For the fundraising, Bec mentioned it to Dom’s best friend who told the whole footy club, and she shared with Dom’s family, her friends and family.

“He has big connections that he didn’t know about. The word got out very quickly and everyone was on board to chip in a little bit which ended up getting over $13,000 which I did not expect at all. I set the bar for $2,000. It just kept going and going!”

“It’s actually unbelievable and shows to him there’s so many people behind him and he always has that support.”

Dom was diagnosed after getting covid and was initially brushed off by doctors as Covid complications.

He experienced numbness down the left side of his body and was unable to perform daily tasks like getting dressed, walking and going to work. It was really affecting his mental health.

After a scan, he eventually received a diagnosis from his GP.

Dom’s been on medication ever since and his symptoms are now under control. Dom’s back at work, playing footy and basketball.

“He’s back to normal life which is phenomenal.”

In the beginning, MS came as quite a shock. Luckily, Bec and Dom could turn to MS Plus for help. Made possible by amazing fundraising just like theirs.

“I had no idea about multiple sclerosis. We called MS Plus and they were really helpful in easing his anxiety about what’s involved. They said unfortunately he’ll have to live with it the rest of his life but they gave strategies on how to deal with it physically and mentally.”

Bec went to an amazing effort to pull together 55 people into a team all to show Dom he doesn’t have to face MS alone. And thanks to their incredible fundraising, Team Saucey will be making sure other Australians living with multiple sclerosis also won’t have to face MS alone.

“It was great to show to Dom and everyone else with MS there is so much support behind every single person. And to be involved with such an amazing organisation.”