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Wet & Muddy 10K Completed

A foggy morning, a few wrong turns (including one where I was going the right way and did a u-turn) and some very wet/muddy tracks later, that’s the MS Walk, Run & Roll 10K done!

Thanks everyone that donated. Over $500 raised for a cause that’s critical for supporting people diagnosed with MS and their families.

Scouting the route

So, the planned route for this weekend includes quite a bit of Sassafras Creek Trail, which I’ve never done before.

Last week I went for a “hike” to scope it out. Here’s part of the path. Hopefully it stays dry!

Let's Run a Mount Dandenong 10K!

A hilly 10K around Sassafras and Ferny Creek, and entirely inside our 5K bubble! I’ve ran this distance a bunch of times but never ran on most of these tracks. Looks like a couple of very steep uphill sections which should be fun!

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