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I’m joining in the MS Walk Run + Roll to make a difference to the lives of Australians living with multiple sclerosis. 

I have challenged myself to complete the kilometers and to raise funds to fight MS!

I'd love your support so I can reach my fundraising goal. A donation can be made here. Because every dollar counts when it comes to fighting MS!

Thank you! 

This year we are once again doing things a little different and I would love you to be part of it. This will be Team Gryffindor’s 10th and final year and I am so proud to say in that time we have raised over $64,000. I would love nothing more than to make that $70,000 in ten years. 

Whether you can join us virtually (free from wherever you live) or in person at Albert park (fee included and limited numbers allowed but let’s stay positive) that would be amazing. 

If you do decide to go to Albert Park and it doesn’t end up going ahead, you will be offered a refund. (Well, that’s what occurred last year).

So my story however does not change......It all started in 2004 and after countless hospital admissions, the loss of some of my beloved hair and an attack affecting my left leg, left hand and arm, I was finally given a diagnosis. This diagnosis was related to demyelination and I received 6 months of a special treatment.

With a few adjustments and the help of incredible family and friends, in particular my amazing parents and brother. I managed to get on with my life, finish schooling, finish my undergraduate degree and begin travelling.

It was then in 2012 after returning from an overseas holiday that I was told that I had experienced a relapse and was formally diagnosed with MS. My left leg and arm took a small brunt and my limp became more noticeable, but I was put on treatment and this allowed me to remain overall stable.

I changed my career and began studying a Master of Social Work degree as I wanted an opportunity where I could help others.

I however, experienced a major relapse in September 2014 where I was now reliant on a walking stick. I was only 27 years old. I pushed through and finished my degree because I was not going to let MS win.

Over the past 6 years I have had many ups and downs with my MS but it is always important to remember how lucky I am to have the people that I do in my life.

My MS is physically declining and I cannot do anything to stop it......more frustrating than I can ever explain. 

It has been rough, with more  hospital admissions and further physical decline, whereby I now rely on my walkers Winnie, Greta or Indie. I also have my trusty scooter Betty and wheelchair Wiillow  who will be using this year.  

It has now been 17 and a half years since I ran for the last time, went up and down stairs un- assisted or held a full glass in my left hand.

This is where I ask for your help, to my amazing uncle Steve who has helped raise so much  money over the years, I am so grateful. To my family and friends your fundraising over the years is helping my future, so thank you.

Please donate towards my future by donating towards me or my team and help give me hope that I will continue to live my life to the best of my ability. 

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Looking forward to seeing you soon Court !


Alexandra Griffin

Courtney you are an inspiration and we are so proud of you x


Kyle Smith

Wishing you all the best, Courtney. Youre a legend!


Jodi Clarke

Goodluck team. Sending you so much love Courts x


Ben, Sheree, Leo And George



Thank you Courts for your committed hard work and inspiration to us all.


Jane Perry

Well done with your fundraising efforts Courtney and team


Maryanne Patricia Flanagan


Laura Thompson

Well done Courts, smashing your fundraising goals as usual! Xo


Jess Lang

Love you Courts


Erin Cameron

Great stuff Courts!



I'm sorry you aren't able to join in this year, well done for doing so much for so many years, Court. You are an amazing person, and the best student I've ever worked with.


Carmel & Des Lane


Timothy Lane


Lynette Curtis

Courtney Griffin you are shining ⭐️. Your compassion for others and commitment to the MS cause is OUTSTANDiNG!!!! Thinking of you. Lyn Xxxxx


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Mel Howley


Amy Jeff And Hugo Xx

Well done on 10 amazing years of fundraising Courts! You are amazing and such an inspiration



You’re amazing Courtney xx


Craig G

Sorry to hear you can't make the walk Courts - thoughts are with you and I'm sure other Griffins will be representing well!


Nic Smith




The Pugh Family Xx

Love the Pugh family.


Maree Warren

Good luck!


Jill Mckenzie

Love your courage Court, our lovely inspirational friend. 💞


Kerri Young

I hope to be there in person this year!!


Chris Bates


Handby Family


Steve Morison


Jess Kirkman


Sarah Dean

You are amazing Court! I love how you inspire so many people and raise so much awareness for MS. So proud of you!


Sam Harkin


Sonia Pascoe

I’m sure your fundraising will goes well. You do an awesome job Courtney! xx


M & M

What an amazing amount of money you and your team/family have raised Courtney. Well done and all the best for your 10th year in 2021. 🥰😘


Helen Zidis

Hope we all help to get your goal


Jessica Morison

Honestly, you are an inspiration Courtney, what an amazing job you have done raising so much money for MS. Such an achievement.


Kez And Snowy

Courts you are amazing! I hope you reach your fundraising goal xx



Keep being the inspiring person you are