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Walk, Run + Roll, I’m taking part to fight MS!

As some of you may know, in April 2019 our dear Aury was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 

MS is a lifelong disease for which there is no known cure. It attacks the central nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves) which can result in varying visible and invisible symptoms. 

For Aury, this means that some days he will suffer from extreme fatigue, blurred or impaired vision, chest pain, muscle weakness or loss of coordination. 

This is difficult for him, especially working as a rigger where balance and coordination are key. 

Whilst it's not always easy, we are learning and adapting and it has been through the love, support and understanding of each of you that we have been able to get by. 

The MS support services (MS Connect, MS Peer Support and MS Employment Support) have also played a vital role in helping Aury to regain his confidence and learn to cope with this new way of life.

No matter what day or time, MS Connect are always available to talk and provide invaluable advice to us. 

Via MS Peer Support, Aury has been able to meet like-minded individuals living with MS who have shared tips, stories and coping mechanisms with Auz. 

The MS Employment Support Service also provides wonderful assistance and equipment (such as cool vests and counselling) to help keep Aury in the workforce and manage his symptoms whilst at work. 

It is through your fundraising and support that these services are able to make a difference in the lives of Australians, like Auz, living with multiple sclerosis. 

So that's why this year we are completing the MS Walk Run + Roll and would love if you would join us by:

  • joining our team "we thought this was a pub crawl?" by signing up here: https://www.mswalk.org.au/fundraisers/Wethoughtthiswasapubcrawl  and coming with us around Albert Park Lake on Sunday, 30 May 2021; 
  • donating to our page; or
  • fundraising and raising awareness in your local community.

No act of kindness is too small or goes unnoticed! It's by your generous support, the funds that are raised allow people living with multiple sclerosis to continue to access these vital MS Support Services and live their lives to the fullest. 

Thank you all! 

Lots of love xxx 

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