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The 2020 Sydney MS Walk Run + Roll is now VIRTUAL! Given the recent requirements to cancel mass participation events, the Sydney event has been converted into the MS Virtual Walk Run + Roll. So get moving wherever you are! You can walk, run or roll on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March to make a real difference for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Walk, Run, Roll or Dance over the line with me!

As you may or may not know, on Friday the 13th of December 2019, I was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Known traditionally as the 'Silent Disease' and still not having a cure, I have decided to do something about it in the best way i know how, and luckily I am not good a keeping quiet!  

I am calling on all Friends, Family, Colleagues, Teammates, Pets and any other category you can think of to join me for a fun day out. As you know I am also a little competitive so have set the teams fundraising targets pretty high. I believe, together we can make an awesome difference and I am very much looking forward to Running, Walking, Rolling or Dancing across the finish line together!!


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Netsy Bain

darling Bella we are so proud of you! good luck xox


Roger Bain

Love you


Alana Hyde


Isabella Bain


Heather Austin

You are a star


Georgie, Nath And Alfie Earl

Love ya Bella you lil legend xx


Helen Harvey

Good luck Bella.


Hyde’s In Stockholm

Very proud of you Love from your family in Stockholm ❤️


Rob Orth

Go for it. I wany video of nutbush at the finish line .. haha.


Antonia Lewin

So proud of you my beautiful cousin. Lots of love 💕❤️


Pip Christian

Go Bella! With all your enthusiasm you will surely help create a positive outcome.


Melissa Miller

Go Bella - a cause close to my heart 💓




Elisa Orchiston

I admire your courage and determination


Bobby Tran

Go Bella!


Catherine Sedgley

Love your paddling mum xx


Michelle Van Niekerk

Bella, you’ve got this!! I am always so impressed by what you are achieving and this fight will be no different! Love, Michelle



Woot go Bella!!!


Nanako Ogasawara

So proud of you Bella! Such an inspiration!


Sarah Naco

Gooo Bella! I'm so proud of you for everything you've accomplished. Your tenacity to keep pushing forward and to always go above and beyond inspires me. Miss you lots (hope you're planning that next trip to the U.S. soon!).




Stephanie Hymann


Joanna Leaman

Supporting you every step of the way Bella. Much aroha (that's kiwispeak for love).


Melinda Selby

Well done! We support you.


Katherine Allen


Marea Hann


Caroline Christian


Irma Briggs

Fantastic effort


Damien Hudson

Thankyou for sharing and not taking it lying down. Stroll on!


Deborah Johnston

Your creative spirit is an inspiration! I will never forget your vivid lights!


Maedeh Najafi

You’re my inspiration. You go girl!


Steven Cromb

Really sorry to hear about this Bella. This is an awesome response and I hope you reach your goals!


Serge & Lynne

Good luck xx


Gamal Ghazy


Dahlia Kruyer

For a beautiful girl doing beautiful things!!


Brett Silk



Go for it Bella!


Stella Drivas


Lucy Nunn


Suzanne Herring

Hi Isabella, I am a friend of Eliza from Greenwich Hospital. Wishing you a great day for the walk and hope you have fun with your friends.


Dominique De Filippis