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Running for Loz.

Jacqui and myself are running around Albert Park to raise some funds for our good mate Laurie who has been diagnosed with MS. 
Your donation would be greatly appreciated. 
Cheers Luke & Jack. 👍

Walk, Run or Roll, I’m taking part!

I’m joining in the fun of the MS Walk Run Roll, to help support Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

MS mission is to help people live their lives with multiple sclerosis and provide them with the best long term options and outcomes, while the search for a cure continues.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!


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Tony Hickey

Go guys...well done



Job well done walkers.


Amber Kelly

Grateful to you both xxx


Nath & Seppo Cook

Thinking of you, Loz Kitten. Cheers 5 & Luke!!


Matt Keenan

Love your work. Watch those hammies!


Stephen Atherton

Great work Luke & Jac. Luv ya Loz.


Sandy Royce & Paul Wright

Hey Lukie, Hope this helps, love to Los from me and Paul. xxx


Marty Horstead

Good work guys. Best of luck.


Collinz Crew

Great stuff.


Nik & Moz Marostica

Appreciate your support - luv to Laurie x


David Sargent

Love your work Luke n you Loz, All the very best “Jon the Pom”


Sandra Zemunik


Aaron Scott

All the best. Lots of love. Go Tiges!!


Maddie & Todd Angus

Love all of you guys. Laurie, you are never alone xox


Stephen Lucas

Well done LUKAS AND Jacq!


Chris Cox & Tanya Blight

Keep up the good work mate. Thinking of our mate up here in Canberra


Laurie Kelly

Great work Luke and Jac. Thanks so much and thank you everyone for your support xx


Gary Kent

Go you good things Luke and Jac. Good luck and all the best for Laurie. ♥️


Nicole Mizzi

Good on you Luke and Jac getting around one of your close friends Laurie. Great cause. I hope this money help finds a cure. #StrongandBold#Tigertough#YellowandBlack


Andrew Smith


Rach And Hugh Davis

Great cause! Go Luke and Jac and go Laurie! Love to all. Rach, Hugh, Caitlin and Minnie. Xx


Matt Bolton

Thinking of you Loz. Well done Luke and Jack. 👍


Rebecca Zemunik

Onya Luke and Jac.


Vicki Costello

Well done Luke & Jac! Hi Laurie, miss you 🐯


Janine Haslem

Go Luke and Jac! Yellow and black!


Kelvin Mcivor

Well done guys


Luke Walker