Mark Elisha

The 2020 Sydney MS Walk Run + Roll is now VIRTUAL! Given the recent requirements to cancel mass participation events, the Sydney event has been converted into the MS Virtual Walk Run + Roll. So get moving wherever you are! You can walk, run or roll on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March to make a real difference for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Walk, Run or Roll, I’m taking part!

My friends and I are raising money for the Sydney MS Walk Run + Roll on the 15th of March. You were amazingly generous last year and helped my team Still Smyelin raise more than $12000. We finished up as the third highest fund raisers in the state.

My hope is to try to better that number this year so every bit helps. The money goes to a fantastic group called MS connect. They help MSers around Australia thrive. I can speak from first hand experience of the invaluable support they’ve provided me. I can say for sure that I wouldn’t be working if it weren’t for the help of their Employment Support Services.

We want to make sure that these services continue to be available to all MSers for free when they need them. And the best and easiest way is to donate to our fundraising effort.


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Keep up it up brother. Much love !


Darlene Thomas

your power is untapped and underestimated. I love you, continue the fight.


Robert Elisha

Good on ya son.


Pras & Parth Patel

Good luck markus


Donnie Stevie Labuschagne Iii

Your unrelenting positive attitude is inspiring! Love you brother!


Mahonn Ghorbanian

Love you man!


Nathan And Natalie


Mark Elisha




Vimal Nandwani


Frederick Elisha

Done. Will try and join you on the 15th of March.


Yvonne Thomas


Sandra Shlemon

Très bon anniversaire! 🍩


Ahmad Aziz


Jasdeep Singh


Sheena Kimatrai

Good vibes all the way from Dubai! Xx


Donya Bagheri-ghorbanian

Much love to you all🥰


Reisha Nagrani


Sammy & Aurash Ghorbanian

mark you are a fucking badass and we love hanging with you ❤️ would come visit you is AUS but too scared that a snake will bite our butts while on the toilet 😂🐍🙅‍♀️ sending you lots of love and positive vibes!!! ✨💫


Jackie Yelda

Cheers from San Francisco ❤️


Rami Al Accari


Eric Jansou


Lilia Kanna


Christina Elisha Vetta & Rob Vetta

Wishing you all the very best cuz. Let’s home they find a cure for you soon. You are such an inspiration. Keep up the awesome fundraising efforts.


Linda Michael Courtelis




Yaqub Khoshaba


Karen Downton

Go team and keep smyelin


Sara Hesse

Good luck Mark! Sara



I'm really proud of you Mark; your strength is so admirable and this small donation is the least I can do.


Avinash Babur



Keep smiling Mark😍


John Esho

Love you Mark



You are a warrior!


Ralph Hajjar

Happy birthday Mark Thinking of you and your family!


Jackson Wallace

Well done mate! good luck at the event.


Hitesh Ajmera


Marc Tohier

all the best my friend



Happy birthday!


Mark Elisha