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Walk, Run + Roll, I’m taking part to fight MS!

I’m joining in the MS Walk Run + Roll to make a difference in the lives of Australians living with multiple sclerosis. 

I have challenged myself to complete the kilometers and to raise funds to fight MS!

Multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other chronic neurological condition and the average age of diagnosis is 30. It can strike anyone at any time and the symptoms vary so widely.

Because of your generous support, the funds that are raised will allow people living with multiple sclerosis to access vital MS Support Services, such as MS Peer Support, or the MS Employment Support program keeping Australians living with multiple sclerosis in the workforce.

Thank you again for your support.


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Michael Quirk



Great job Mick


John & Nicole Pickersgill


Suzie Brunning

CHAMPION! Well done Mick. Awesome effort


Zoran Marijanovic

Well done great effort.


Caterina Sibio

Awesome work Michael!!


Kerryn Quirk


Shaun O'neill

Great Job Mick. Keep up the good work


Chris Kondos

You're a legend mate!!


Georgia Clark


Arion And Mary Demetriou

Good luck Mick, and well done for putting yourself out there again.


Damien Fleming


Livio Todero

if you don't make the distance you owe me a slab. GOOD LUCK Dopey


Bianca Sherrington


Sal National Pty Ltd

Great effort Mick! You have our full support!


Tony Tang

Mate, you will do it again!


Rod Whitford

Mick, I’ve never met you, but I’ve had the privilege of knowing your son. In many ways he has moulded me into the figure I am today, regardless of how minimalistic the time we’ve spent together. A credit is due to you and your family. A trooper is a trooper, and nobody alive should be struggling with the battle you’re facing. I hope my donation can make a difference for the good! P.S - Tim still owes me a beer from like 5 years ago.


Haley Consedine


Griffin Davies



Way to go Father!


Ben Massloch

Well done Mick, keen to do a lap with you


Mark George

Gook luck bud!!


Megan Quirk


Di Bartels

Every bit helps


Brendan Quirk

Donation to help knock this on the head Mick...Cheers


Michael Quirk

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