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Walk, Run or Roll, I’m taking part!

I’m joining in the fun of the MS fun run, to help support Australians living with multiple sclerosis, and also my aunt whomst I love dearly.

MS mission is to help people live their lives with multiple sclerosis and provide them with the best long term options and outcomes, while the search for a cure continues. Even a small donation can have drastic helpful affects in someone's life.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!

Im running as part of the Little Engines team, and not only do we THINK we can, but we KNOW we can!!!

To be transparent, this year there is a small chance I won't be able to actually run in, as ill be recovering from surgery, but worst case I'll still be there cheering and supporting those at the run, and hey isn't this all about support and showing kindness to others in need. So donate!!!! And show some love and support to those who need it. 


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