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Infusion day

so today is my monthly infusion day. 
A few days before my infusion I feel so tired no actually exhausted. 
Mark my better half has to do almost everything around the house for me. 

We stopped to get a take away coffee, masks on of çourse. So I have something to drink while I'm in there. 
Mark isn't allowed to come in and wait with me at the moment so he has to sit in the car, while I get a comfy lay back chair. 

I had a trainee doctor putting in my canular today. He said i was his 7th patient. He did a great job, but i did bleed everywhere. I did warn him I have good veins lol..

The nurses and the trainee Dr who is in his 3rd year explained that they are trying to learn how to do things like canulars and use the infusion machines etc now, so it isn't always up to the nurses. They realised during COVID-19 there is a real need for Drs to step up.
The trainee DR said, yes we are upskilling.. haha funny a Dr saying they are upskilling to nurses skills..Finally nurses are being recognised for their skill level. 

Anyway. All went well today. 

Now to rest for the next 3 days or so.. and then I will feel a lot better for about 3 weeks.. 

Better for me is at least able to do the dishes and 
Spend time with the family. Attend to my veggie garden some days.. 
Just feel good about life.. 

Thank you to everyone

I want to say thank you to everyone who has joined the team or donated to the people in the team...
Every dollar counts.
I am so very humbled by all the donations.

To the people saying that their donation is only small, please don't feel that way...
It is huge... 
I am so thankful to every single person who has joined the team or donated :) 

Nicholas fund raising

Nicholas my son put the group fund-raising page on his blokes zinger page.
He told them my story and asked for donations.
Nicholas has coeliac diseas but promised if we got to the $2000 target he would eat a 24 piece KFC box.
He knew that would mean so much pain for himself but he did it any way...
I was blown away by all the donations!!! 2 people I didnt even know donated $260 each!!!! 
There were so many donations and people donated the money they were going to spend on their zinger box for the day..

So we made over the $2000 target and Nicholas lived streamed himself eating the huge 24 piece box of chicken.. eeewwww....
And many more donations came in..
Thanmk you to Nicholas and all the zinger blokes.... 

we made it in 1 day !!!!!

I cant believe it!!!!! 
In 1 day we made our $2000 target..
I am so Thankful and so humbled by so many people who have donated to our Walk, Run and Roll for MS....

So Telissa (my daughter and I) will be dressing up on the day like unicorns hahaha. 

She does not know this yet hahaha 

She will also be pushing me in wheel chair and I am guessing Nicholas will be as well. 

I wonder if we can get him to dress up as a unicorn too hahah. 

Mark will supply the drinks and baby sitting as grandpa on the day.. he always wears unicorn tshirts. 

My story

Since 2015 I have been posting in Facebook about my monthly  trips to the Chocolate Box at the Royal Melbourne Hospital..
Well only my closest family and friends knew it was actually for Immuno suppressive treatment for MS. 
So i have a very low immune system now but my MS has been  under some what control. 

So any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated. 

Walk, Run or Roll, I’m taking part! Help me kick MS butt !!!!

I’m joining in the fun of the MS Walk Run Roll, to help support Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

MS mission is to help people live their lives with multiple sclerosis and provide them with the best long term options and outcomes, while the search for a cure continues.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!


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Wish I could give more. I love you and am so damn proud of you. Xx


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