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2023 Melbourne MS Walk Run + Roll


Can you imagine waking up one day unable to do the everyday things you would usually take for granted? Like not being able to see properly (or at all), unable to get out of bed, walk to the phone to call someone – anyone – or live a life without pain?

All of a sudden, your world has changed.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic and often debilitating disease which attacks the central nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves). It is the most common neurological disease in young adults and often attacks people at a time in their lives when they are planning families and building a career. Three out of four people living with MS are women.

With your support, we can allow people living with multiple sclerosis access to vital support services, like MS Connect, MS Peer Support and MS Employment Support Programs. We’ll also be helping bring new treatments closer to reality, investing in repairing myelin damage to restore function that has been lost for people with progressive forms of the disease.

On behalf of over 25,000 Aussies living with multiple sclerosis – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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My PPMS story

Monday 6th Mar
This from the start is not a pity me post this is my story post 😊🌻🌹
As you all know my name is Lorraine and I have Primarily Progressives Multiple Sclerosis (the worst and rarest  in the world) there is under one million people like me to have this type of MS. 
So since official diagnosis on 5th of July 2021 of PPMS, (which I have had health problems for many, many years just no one couldn’t work it out, sigh) than on 6th April 2022,  only 9 months after official diagnosis I was in hospital for 3 night and lost walking independently, I now walk with a 4 wheeled walker, I was told by the Neurologist and all other treating specialists, I’m never to drive again, and I couldn’t work, I’m now on disability support pension,.
Soooo that’s the story BUT what I have gained from it all is an amazing Carer who takes me out every day so we can walk at my pace like a speedy snail 🐌 around the shopping centres, he is my chauffeur, but most importantly he is a friend who  helps me every day.
My amazing 3 adult kids and family and friends make my life a happier one. Thank you all for reading my story 😊🌻🌹





Cherie And Rod Koeleman

All the best. Amazing cause!


Amy Papadinis

Thinking of you today on your walk, lovely Lorraine. l know you will have a great day with how positive you are with your bright smile. Hoping to join you all next year. Have fun and hope you stay warm. ❤️🤗❤️


David Meyer

Love you pretty mum ❤️ Two Hands Rooftop Bar Management


Carolyn Cvek


Melanie Adams

Good luck to you Lorraine and your team for the walk. Hope all goes well and hopefully I can be there next year with you . XX


Dad And Mum

Donation from my Dad and Mum



Go girl👍👍proud of you😚


Rochelle Tindall

Happy to support you in this, Lorraine.



You are a champion Lorraine


David Gillman

For my cousin, for all cousins


Fam Northby

Go Girl, you are an amazing strong woman 💜



You’re on a roll Lorraine! (Lol) xo Steph




Fiona Howie

You Go Girl! You're amazing!!


Carmel Hutchinson

Well done Lorraine. Keep fighting the good fight. 💪💪💪


Wendy Pepper

All the best Lorraine.


Fae Egan


Stephanie Payne

Hi Lorraine! You got this.


Linda P

You are such an inspiration Lorraine!


Vanessa Virgo


Jo Bowers

Hi Lorraine. Wishing you the best for your 5km roll and your life journey. Xxxx Jo Bowers and Whitney beadman


Mayer Family

Keep rolling Loz, you’re amazing 🤩


Meg Taylor

Well done! I was Dark Blue 1986! Somers girls are we ❤️



Inspirational - walk,run or just rock n roll baby Love the new look🥳😉🤸🏾‍♀️💋


Heather Miers

No stopping you Loz! 👏🤩


Jo Power

Donated with love Lorraine 💜


Serena Seward


Lorraine Akers

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